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SUMMER SALE! 6 BONUS months for half price

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How are we moving forward?


I have proven to myself that the open source community with free programming development tools like PyCharm IDE, VirtualBox, C++, Python, R, Redis, and FastFlow multicore programming. I have further convinced myself this is the path I choose with no limitations on licensing or paying out to third parties for expensive software. The open source movement is upon us where it has advanced so far to make life easy for us newbies who want to develop high-speed automated trading systems.


So what about the technology… What about trading ideas?


2017 will be the best year ever for Why? My website rankings of have put the site into its most popular state ever! With a combined total community of 30,000+ ranging from my email list to all social media, we are pretty well a force to be reckoned with. Also if you have not seen my verified stats, I can say over 41% of my traffic visitors make over $150,000 US plus who are highly educated with a Masters Degree or even PhD. Also, over 70% of my traffic visitors make over $100,000 US! To be honest, that is a real force to be reckoned with!!


As I have developed my original version of a trading system called AK-47 in Matlab, I feel it will be necessary to convert it to both C++ and Python for all my Quant Elite members to take advantage of. This course series includes source code and video walkthroughs to get you started.


This Monday night (June 19), I will be doing a live event online to highlight some very simple trading strategies scripts which will be implemented into this new version of my AK-47 version 2. It will also include my learnings that I’m currently underway with solid foundation on GLOBAL micro economic events that will trigger ‘risk on’ trading opportunities. This will of course blendhigh-speed trading technology with the ability to monitor in real time risk assessment for trading opportunities with:

1. Options and futures

2. Forex

3. Equity, ETFs, and indices from 27+ global exchanges around across the world


Whooo! That is a lot to take in but I can verify this will all work thanks to Interactive Brokers. If you are not sitting on $10k to get started, we can always talks about using a micro forex trading account (e.g. 100 Euros) with Dukascopy of Switzerland.
This is how I see my future.

This is how my current Quan Analytics members see it.
Are you ready to join me to make the balance of your 2017 a SUCCESSFUL year in trading?
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Are you wanting to secure your life where you control the outcome?
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Until then my friend, I hope you choose well and wish you well on your ventures in the future

Over and out,


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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