What TRUE quant and HFT looks like from advanced math PHD doctorate book

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2017)

What REAL quant and HFT looks like from advanced math PHD doctorate book

I think these beginners who learn about “quant” on cloud solutions are misunderstanding what it really is. When you get legendary mathematicians who focus on finance like Paul Wilmott who complain about bankers being lazy, I hate to say I agree with him. I just made a video on the weekend showcasing what real quant looks like from a well-known PhD researcher.


Check out this video here


Intertemporal pricing theory for futures trading


For me, instead of focusing on large news events, I like to consistently add to my bottom line in¬†many ways. I’m also trying to find the most optimal way to do it in an automated way. As I mentioned yesterday, I have now posted my latest video on how to use inter temporal pricing for arbitrage opportunities. I could just have a whole system do this all day and all night for find multiple commodity assets in an automated way. Remember this is one of dozens of resources I could use to find opportunity.


Check out this latest source code video demo


You may be thinking I like lots of videos. Would you be surprised if I was to tell you I have over 1500 videos on my YouTube channel? Yeah, you could say I like producing and recording raw videos.


Anyhow, imagine all those videos that have potential ways to bank is quite scalable in so many ways. Why do you think I focus on automated trading with optimal trading strategies? Ha this is why I’ve created the¬†most exciting online trading membership¬†of its kind.


Get details on my latest algorithmic trading course series for automation


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Thanks Bryan


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