10 steps to Keras Machine Learning with Python

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2017)


10 steps to Keras Machine Learning in Python

I am coming to the decision on using both TensorFlow with Keras on top. I really am new to this but will investigate this deeper later in the summer. There also seems to be an internal debate of performance with a combo of Lua Toech and Redis vs TensorFlow with Karas. Let’s see where this goes.

See this helpful video for learning how Karas can help you

For now, I am focusing on statistical methodologies over the next few weeks. I am wanting also to focus on more modern Python version 3 versus my legacy Python 2 scripts. They shall work but do keep your eyes peeled on my blog at Quantlabs.net/blog and videos at Youtube.com/quantlabs

Tutorial on install Python 3 with VirtualBox and Ubuntu Linux

Have you seen my latest Python 3 upgrade tutorial on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux?

Check out my 90 minute video here

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