Reuters welcomes NYSE 9k monthly non display fee for ALL users

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)


Reuters welcomes NYSE 9k non display fee for ALL users

Will trading data access fee get this expensive. Thankfully this stock exchange is not a huge priority as people are moving into ETFs based on region and sector. Not only that, there are larger assets classes to trade as well.

Check out this big news event


Here are some details on the new Quant Analyics intro rate!

Do note only this newsletter will be offered to you at this really low rate of $47 per month. As I mentioned in a past video, this will be offered at $97 per month to the ‘public’. If this service proves to be worthy, this monthly cost will eventually makes its way to $197 all the way up to the $297-$397 range. As you can tell, if you take this low monthly rate at the rate of $47, you will be grandfathered  as long you remain a member.

Details on this new service here

Don’t forget about this:

I have also announced I will be moving this ‘newsletter’ to another server from Infusionsoft. You can also get my free 2 PDFs on (in case you never got them):

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You can also be part of this new newsletter on this server. I am thinking of actually discontinuing this current one you are reading from. It has been highly recommended to manually opt in yourself into this new server.

Sign up for the above FREE PDFs and join the new server here

Thanks Bryan

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