Party over! Quant was fun while it lasted

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)


Quant was fun while it lasted

Wasn’t quant fun? Is this business really going down hill if you read my blog over the last few number of weeks. Is HFT not getting the great returns as they once did? If you carefully watch the videos I posted including a recent Ray Dalio advice, you will see how there is a negative economic force adding downward pressure on traditional means to squeeze returns out of the market.

Here are is that article which questions the longevity of quant

Quant techniques and machine learning really can only be applied in 3 areas:

1. Risk management

2. Risk reconnaissance to watch market direction in real time

3. Portfolio analysis and portfolio

I don’t think you can really apply these to find the probability of direct trading. But what do I know right?

Anyhow, I have once again put my three courses on a highly limited flash sale over the next few days.

It is marked down 50% to jumpstart your learning!

Here are the courses to help out your automated trading:

Algo Trading Components in Python (most popular)

High level components for algorithmic trading systems. Source code walk-through and videos included.


Futures Options Strategy Overview

Fundamental analysis for all commodities, metal, financial, and currencies in futures and options asset classes.


Interactive Brokers API Workshop

Interactive Brokers API workshop with C++, Java, and Python demos. Source code included.


Thanks for reading

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