More Algo Trading database and charting queries

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

Continuing series of queries from the same member

Hi Bryan.


On your journey to build your trading system, you mentioned that you were going to use Redis 4 NOSQL.

But you also mentioned MongoDB, which I was watching another video from that european company that uses MongoDB.



Are you using Redis 4 because you are migrating to a Mac OS GUI environment because Mongo is for Linux or can Mongo also be used for Mac? I would assume that it doesn’t matter.
Is Redis 4 just better, faster than MongoDB, etc? Is cost part of your reasoning, etc?
I am leaning towards going the Mac direction as well and using Linux for the back end.


Keep in mind, I am serious about getting deeper into coding (a few people I know have done coding or are in IT careers that could and would assist me).
I’ve been using PC’s for the last 15 years mostly but no3


My sister, who used to build PCs installed Ubuntu on one of my PCs as a backup for my data in case I couldn’t access files through Windows.
I am side-tracking a bit I realize, but I thought context is important so that you realize I am not a total newbie with OS environments.


In one of your videos, you mentioned charting you were going to do on Mac, called “Colorec” … maybe I didn’t hear properly.
I did a search on it, and could not find anything or that other application I thought you said called “Telerec”… You spoke a bit quickly, so I rewound the video but couldn’t make it out.


You mentioned other charting applications like Chart Director and Gnunplot? Are those for Linux or PCs?


I answer in my usual video style here


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