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(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Query from a member:

After a week+ of watching videos and taking notes (I do a lot of in-depth documentation, btw), I have notes on about 8 videos on Python, but decided to take a break and watch some of the other video links you sent… it’s tough to keep up.

There was a seminar video, about 32 minutes with this European company who did a powerpoint on their algo trading system…. very informative.

They discussed how they use Python for their research, simulation and data engines/servers, etc. and did C++ coding for their low level code. ( 1 am only 10 minute into it).

What are you investing in, in terms of hardware, coding and other things for your system? and…

Do you have a template that I could follow to build my system? Could you help me  with that?

I am gung ho about this and want to start doing something with it.

I answer in this video here

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Thanks Bryan

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