Answers for DIY trading with automation algo and Python programming technology

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2017)

Answers for DIY trading with automation algo and Python programming technology

From a recent group head I presented to a few years ago:

Hi Bryan,

You probably won’t remember me, but we met briefly when you did a presentation for the xx.  I believe the Chapter Head, xx, invited you to speak with our group

Myself and a few others from a systems development meetup are on the path to wanting to automate some trading strategies.  I’m/we’re looking at 2 options –

1) do it yourself / DIY

2) pay someone to fully implement system ideas

On point # 1), I was looking at python and an Ibridgepy for Interactive Brokers as a possible solution.  Just wondering if you could provide some advice on software / languages and setups to use for automating stock (and possibly option) trading.  Ideally it would be nice to choose from a universe of tickers and rank the signals generated by relative strength or some other ranking to give priority to certain stocks to trade over others.  I’m personally more interested in swing trading and trend following versus high frequency or intraday stuff (xxx that I’ve copied on this email is more interested in intraday).  An guidance or direction on platforms/software/technology to focus on, would be much appreciated.

On point # 2), what type of budget pricing should I expect for someone qualified to implement a fairly simple system from soup to nuts (based on rules any way), and, can you recommend some people I could talk to that specialize in this?

I noticed your site offers a premium subscription… does your subscription have archives and ongoing content for the DIYer?  What is your subscription cost/and options?

Thank you.

Where are you located, and, would you be interested in coming out to speak at a local trading meeting Meetings average anywhere from 10-25 people, on average, depending on the level of interest from members.



Here is a video response



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