Month: March 2017

6-day intensive quant course

    6-day intensive quantitative course  14-19 Aug 2017 – New York University This 6-day intense course taught by Attilio Meucci provides broad picture and in-depth understanding of quantitative risk management and quantitative portfolio management for Asset Management, Banking, and Insurance, from instrument to enterprise risk level. Key features: Education: intensive, heavily quantitative, comprehensive 6-day …

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Matlab Financial Toolboxes discounted HUGE

Matlab Financial Toolboxes discounted HUGE This came from someone on my Newsletter called Bosox Coder so thanks to them for this notification: I thought you might be interested in this, MathWorks has a discounted product bundle for finance.  The links to it are http://bit.ly/2iNZ1V8   https://www.mathworks.com/solutions/computational-finance/computational-finance-suite.html   It’s $4250 for 12 toolboxes for a year. …

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