Most popular 2016 Quantcon videos from Quantopian

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2017)


Popular 2016 Quantcon videos from Quantopian

Here is a selection of some popular released videos from Quantcon 2016 which is sponsored by Quantopian. Even though they are both a trading platform, trading education and so on, I know they are also hoping to generate alpha as an alternative hedge fund. I have not heard any public recent performance metrics on this alternative fund. Also, one of the videos I list from the founder will offer 10% of trading profit for your IP algo you provide to their trading strategy arsenal. Good luck with that but Quantcon sounds worthy to attend though. Who’s going this year?

Here are those popular videos

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Overview walkthrough of Quant Courses and Analytics Service

Brand new where you can get details here

Courses and analytic service here

(A new video was recorded)


I finally have created some videos on the Courses and new Quant Analytics.

Check them out:

New Analytics Service:

Once big take-away is the low risk intro to the service. I offer $5 2 days trials before joining.

Introducing our new Quant Analytics Service overview

This walkthrough the new dashboard with chat room for new members to exploit our trading systems chart/data generation

Brand new where you can get details here


Note my $5 trial for 48 hours TRIAL of this

BIGGEST NOTE OF ALL: I still need to populate the service starting next week!


Thanks Bryan

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