How do Numerai, QuantConnect, Quantiacs, and Quantopian compare?

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2017)


Reddit has very honest people. Here are some comment hightlights:

Numerai is the only one that doesn’t involve you sending them your code…

Quantconnect uses C# (is expanding to other languages). It has a much less active community and it does cost money to live trade,…

https://www.quantiacs.com is the only one that has an actual hedge fund product on the market. They are the world’s first and only crowdsourced hedge fund which matches freelance quants with institutional investment capital. You own your IP but license it to them and you keep 10% of lifetime profits…

That’s a dirty secret of the other platforms like Quantopian — after you win they make you sign over exclusivity of your IP to them and send you a huge legal contract to sign to actually receive your winnings.

My opinion: Develop your own code and algo for 100% of your own profit for no worries revealing the IP


How do Numerai, QuantConnect, Quantiacs, and Quantopian compare? from algotrading

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