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MathFinance Conference 2017

20-21April 2017, Frankfurt

MathFinance Conference is one of the top quant events of the year. The conference is designed for practitioners in the areas of trading, quantitative and derivatives research, risk and asset management, insurance, as well as academics.

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2. ARPM Pointers
2.1 “Did you know?”

  • AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA processes and their multivariate counterparts can be reduced to, or approximated as, a VAR(1) process [Comment]
  • Hidden Markov models are the hidden-factor generalization of Markov chains and mixture models  [Comment]
  • Unlike stock prices, bond prices cannot be used as risk drivers, because their convergence to the face value disrupts any econometric analysis [Comment]
  • Minimum Relative Entropy generalizes Maximum Likelihood estimation [Comment]
2.2 Featured white papers

The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Research Paper Series on SSRN collects rigorous and practical research for buy-side quantitative finance. The series is free, owns no copyright, and your work can be embedded simultaneously in other series/journals. To include your research in the series, please contact us.
Featured white papers:

2.3 Quant discussions

View our technical discussions on the Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Group on LinkedIn. Join to contribute papers, code, or thoughts. We have a no-advertisement policy.
Featured quant discussions:

Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Bootcamp
6-day intensive course – 14-19 Aug 2017 – New York University 
Registrations for the ARPM Bootcamp are open: 6 days, 9 hours/day (+1 day pre-conference).
Topics include portfolio construction, factor modeling, liquidity and execution, estimation/data mining, risk modeling, optimization, and much more.
The program is delivered as theory, live simulations, review sessions and exercises. Plus…

  • Gala dinner and other networking opportunities
  • Renowned guest speakers. Past speakers included Rob Almgren, Peter Carr, Emanuel Derman, Bruno Dupire, Jim Gatheral, Alex Lipton, Bob Litterman, Bob Litzenberger, Andrew Lo, Fabio Mercurio, Steven Shreve, and more
  • Access to the ARPM Lab, with with cross-referenced theory, examples, case studies, solved exercises, interactive code, videos, slides.
  • Certifications: 40 GARP CPD, 40 CFA Institute CE credits, academic credit, ARPM Certificate®
  • (optional, free) pre-Bootcamp ARPM Open Source Conference with focus on technology.

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