Bank quant not better paid? Run your own quant based operation

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2017)

Bank quants are not better paid? Run your own quant based operation

Traditional traders in institutions like banks or hedge funds are still better paid than quants. Apparently that is changing but this article quotes:

This means that while successful traders in banks can still earn £500k+ ($625k+), successful quants tend to find their pay bounded at around £250k, or less. As one quant puts it, this isn’t bad for, “writing several lines of code,” but it’s also a frustrating when the traders using the tools you create are being paid a lot more.

Fair enough… But then strike out on your own instead of moaning about it. What you going to do? You say you’re smart but are you the gambling kind?

Here is that article

So if you want to learn the foundation and technical skills, you knew where to come:

Welcome and Choose A Course Below to Proceed

Here is the main product page to link you the following courses.

Algo Trading Components in Python

High level components for algorithmic trading systems. Source code walk-through and videos included.

Futures Options Strategy Overview

Fundamental analysis for all commodities, metal, financial, and currencies in futures and options asset classes.

Interactive Brokers API Workshop

Interactive Brokers API workshop with C++, Java, and Python demos. Source code included.

Pick one to learn!

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