Which USA president had the highest stock return

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2017)

Which USA president had the best stock return

We’ve heard a lot about how freshly minted President Trump is causing havoc around the world in various markets. If you are a smart and innovative trader who uses automation to his/her advantage, 2017 could be the year that could change your life with the volatility that Trump brings because of his radical tweets. This is the first time where a president is able to cause so much turmoil in the markets with sudden news, or not providing enough clarity. From my point of view, most of this volatility will be in the world of Forex and future/options market. It is quite evident the most pro traders will be moving away from equities as they cool off since the election.

Somebody on my Skype provided me an interesting analysis on some markets returns during certain presidencies. There’s even somewhat a trend taking place historically over the decades.

I think you should check out this analysis by going here

More meet up events have been scheduled:

Tips and tricks with Dukascopy JForex for forex trading

Tips and tricks with Dukascopy JForex for forex trading

I am digging this broker with their API features. I thought it would be cool to share some coding tips uing this impressive trading platform JForex.

Note #1: I am new with this broker and platform so please be gentle

Note #2: Dukascopy does not support American clients it seems. Sorry.

I just started creating a Youtube channel playlist for Dukascopy

Go here for the details

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I’m also putting the membership into its last days of existence before I start rolling all current members into the new Quant Analytics service.

Some info on this new quant analytic service:

I have some video tutorials on this service here

I have also answer some queries about it here

Thanks Bryan
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