Gogo gaga for this kind of trading performance

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)

Would you go gaga for this kind of trading performance

When you see these small returns on daily basis without leverage, you may easily get discouraged. After watching this video, let me know if you think this is worthy of being excited for. As for me, there are certain ways to analyze the markets in real time for the strongest swings for both long or short opportunities. The volatility that Trump brings thanks to not clarifying the markets, the opportunities are out there are by the truckloads.

Watch this video here but don’t forget about sending me your comments on this

I will also hopefully soon announce my upcoming new Analytics service once I get it running. Once accomplished, I can with certainty tell you I will be removing my Quant ELITE membership public access to get affordable access. As I have said last week, 3 courses are now available which total $1600 to undertake. You can do this right now for EVERYTHING on a monthly basis for only $97. Once I remove this public access, you will no longer be able to get access for these same courses. More detailed training videos will be coming to showcase these courses in full detail.

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I hate repeating this below but who has the time right now?

Contact me now though Zendesk for support or query only for this reason

For those who want to reach out to me, I need to stress this is the only way I will be able to follow up via my site, social media, and even paid support. I am using a new pro service called ZenDesk so I can track all communication. All ticket systems and messengers services (eg. Facebook and Skype) will be removed in coming weeks so take note! I get overwhelmed to easily now!

See my quick 2 minute on this

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P.S. 2 weeks ago was the highest level of traffic I ever got at QuantLabs.net Last week just blew that amount by another 20% so that is how fast things are growing around here. Thanks for visiting and support on what I do.

P.P.S. Who lives in Southern California I am going down in late March for 1 week in LA and San Diego!

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