Dutch speed trader did not lost money in 2 year with ETF

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Dutch speed trader has not lost money in 2 year with ETF

Oh look another successful HFT story. Are you getting tired of these over the last few week? I find it interesting in how Bloomberg is reporting these so frequently. This just shows the powerful potential of this technology which is rapidly changing.

Here is the Bloomberg story about this Dutch high speed trader

Here is an alert!

Today is a day of flurries around here at Quantlabs.net The website will be going through a makeover which is part of our phase for the new Quant Analytics service. Everything is going to a professional and premium level as I have been hinting in previous videos. You can also expect some higher quality training videos.

As a result, we are counting the last few days of the Quant Elite membership public access. As explained in the video below, there will be three standalone courses that will be independent which will be worth $500 apiece. If you join the Elite now you’ll be able to get them all for a low monthly plan of only 97 bucks. As I have kept saying, it is now or never to take advantage of this last opportunity of a deal that could enhance and secure your potential automate trading business.

People ask, what will happen to the current Elite membership?

It will remain active until we see the maturity of the Analytics service over the next few weeks to months. So in the meantime, you could use the full benefit of the Elite and roll over into the new Analytics Service as it matures.

More details you may have missed yesterday

Intro preview to new quant future options courses and Python infrastructure

I just posted this video on how I will be removing the PUBLIC ACCESS from my Quant ELITE membership the next few days to weeks. This will be the last of my ‘highly valuable’ deals before I go premium in coming weeks for my new Analytics service.
See my video here.

If you want to take advantage of the last combined courses I have for a low monthly fee before they total $1600 in a few weeks.


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