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(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

As you know, I do like my No SQL in memory database called Redis. There is some interesting machine learning technologies going on with this newer version. Why am I telling you this? If you’ve seen my last posting from yesterday, I have compiled a complete list of all things related around Trading and Risk. Very few people talk about it but it is so important to use understand it to stay in the game for long term. This list can be used for a variety of purposes including finding market opportunity in real time via co integration. Some of this was revealed with how some New York City trading firms who are using this for analysis so see below in my extra long video.

But first, here is a long list you should consider to take taking a look at everything based around risk and portfolio analysis

Market entry exit strategy webinar playback

I have misled on the title of this webinar topic. Since few attended on the original topic, I decided to focus on two visitors which turned into more benefit than I could imagine. Yes this video is 4.5 hours but worth everything minute.


This covers:
First hour conversation topics with NYC experienced software developer in financial services:
How NYC financial companies like hedge funds and investment banks pretty well use Python
Popularity of events based on machine learning/AI
How financial service companies use correlation in real time markets to find market opportunities

How studying stochastic trumps other analytical techniques is used in NYC firms
The right and wrong approaches used by NYC firms with machine learning

Balance of video covers:

How Tradestation has dumped FX which has been handed over to Oanda (LOL!)
How American politics of Trump impacts markets

Understanding the advantages of FX broker like Dukascopy offers
Real time analysis of how an event calendar is literally screaming at your with multiple daily market opportunity
How analysis of FX volatility will maximize your trading opportunity
Proper risk metrics/analysis/management etc minimize your drawdowns
Many many more

Thanks for reading


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