China Russia sign deal to bypasss USA dollar

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2017)

Russia, China sign deal to bypass US dollar

For those that may not know, my local Meetup friend sent me over an old article pertaining to how Russia and China have signed a Trading agreement between their two countries. Although this was done in 2014, this arrangement shifts the world power dynamic to this region. As Trump has decided to focus on domestic affairs of the US, it could backfire on them as the world trading activity goes elsewhere. The other unfortunate concern is how quite a few Americans don’t see this. This is a huge (or president Trump would say ‘YUGE!’) for FX traders. It would be a shame that Americans miss out on this too. As a Canadian, I am hoping to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Here is that 2014 article

As I said yesterday in my email, I am quickly shifting away from my older Quant Elite membership. In the next few weeks, I will be putting all my attention into the new Analytics service which is targeted towards active traders who have less technical skills.

In summary, if you have the technical skills, you may want to take advantage of what this service has to offer.

Either way, if you are a newbie a programming, you may still want to check this out here

What is the latest status of learning Python R for algo trading

Somebody who has been on my newsletter list has come back to ask about this new transition from going from Quant Elite membership to my new Analytics service.

I made a video response here

I said in the video that I’m building out the new analytic service as we speak. I am hoping to move ahead with the new analytics service much sooner than later.

Here is what I mean

As said, my Quant Elite will be closing and I’m already seeing much content being stripped away as I move everybody into the new analytics service.

Thanks Bryan

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