Why this guy does not take part of Quantopian

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)


Why this guy does not take part of Quantopian

Somebody on my Facebook sent me a very interesting criticism against Quantopian. If you read to fully understand it, one would think they run a casino but also set the rules with very little return. If it’s true where they only pay out10% of a successful algorithm, you must have been born yesterday to submit an algo that meets their criteria. I’m always looking for successful stories of people who have sent over algorithms. If Steve Cohen seeded them millions of dollars, they all can’t be that bad. But if it fails over the long run, I think we are all on a road to ruin.

Here is that article posted here with some further opinion

As usual, I am very eager to hear your thoughts on this. Would you actually submit a heavily invested algorithm that you own as your own intellectual property? Would you trust the owners of a remote server? Personally, I would not no matter how they try to ensure that your algorithm is protected.

I am finally making decent progress on 2 Python scripts that can enter and exit the markets with very simplistic technical analysis. It’s fully automated in terms of execution which surprisingly very few of you actually do. I have decided to do most likely a very long video to talk of:

Switching from pair trading to FX as higher priority

No SQL database is versus relational

Programming languages

FX Broker reviews

Risk management and money management

And many more

I hope to get this completed once these two scripts have proven to actually work. I will be even testing them against live market data in coming days. Exciting times ahead as I readjust in 2017.


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