Overview of retail automated algo quant trading vs DMA

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)

Overview of retail automated algo quant trading vs pro DMA

Question from someone named Justin:

Hey Brian, if you get some time to respond to this email, it would be greatly appreciated.

I just have a couple questions about automated trading that i am a little confused about and i really just can not find much information online about it as well.

1. Interface?

Say you just want to be able to create your own trading interfaces ie, charts, stock scanners, and so. Instead of using the broker that you are trading through,

What type of hardware would you need to invest in, maybe co-locating servers, getting vps or dedicated servers, running servers out of your home? Or

2. Broker?

So is this absolutely necessary? Do you have to have a broker to trade through, or is there any way that you can trade on your own platform directly with the  markets?


3. Broker 2?

And if going through a broker is the only way, what is the difference between a broker that a prop firm uses or a hedge fund or  HFT firm uses that a wealthy individual wanting to trade automated as a business. I get that you could use IB, or Lightspeed, or some other type of known broker to trade, but what are the  big boys doing, with who, and how?

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Thanks Bryan


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Thanks Bryan

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