Google reports why C++ is faster than Java

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

I think this is the most compelling report yet coming from Google:

C was designed as an abstracted form of assembler.  The language was intended to allow the generation of very efficient native code.

In the decades since then, that intention has not changed.  C++ has optimising compilers that can infer the intent of the programmer, unroll loops, inline function calls, store temporary values in registers – and use SIMD instructions to execute multiple instructions in parallel.   C++ programmers (especially C++ games programmers) pore over the generated assembler and work out ways to squeeze every cycle of performance.

Google wrote a technical paper comparing the performance of different languages – in a set of regular, real life operations.

Most importantly is to eye the the graph that comes with this comment . Now you don;t have read or listen to those losers who ‘know’ everything


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