Widest forex selection for FX trading with LMAX

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2016)

Widest currency selection for forex trading with LMAX

You may have read my review on how Oanda has been super sloppy on my application as a potential client. They seem to be useless in that department. I also tried their Oandapy Python package which seems to be broken. Like seriously WTF? If this is the ‘better broker’ in this crappy world of retail forex brokers. I would hate to see how the crappy ones will treat you. Not only is Oanda questionable, but their currency support list is much narrower than others like Interactive Brokers or LMAX.


I did a review of LMAX mobile app here


I will say that Oanda is good for one thing. Use them as a test bed for your trading ideas. You can use them for minimal funding vs others which want $5K or $10k of your cash. Start with a small broker like Oanda, then scale up to the bigger and more reputable ones as you have more confidence in your automated trading strategies. Easy peasy.


IQFeed market data tick streamer with Java on Apple Mac OS


A great program I always like for any accomplished Java developer. You can also push this data in your NOSQL database like Redis


Check out my video here


As for weekly Meetups, I do have these weekly at 8PM EDT on Mondays for all my Quant ELITE members. I will roll them in to my new Analytics early in the new year, the scheduling of online Meetups will stay the same.

Speaking of my Quant ELITE members, be very aware of this as we are now moving into the last few days of my Interactive Brokers API Workshop being a benefit.


Lastly, many have asked for this workshop I spent quite a lot of time on. It is the Interactive Brokers API where I spend hours and hours upon demonstrating the capabilities through this powerful automated broker. At the same time, I show how to implement using major open source non .NET languages which includes Java, Python, and low level C++. I don’t think you will get all of this with various demos, coding samples, and on top scenarios you want to use these languages. As you know, all good things will come to an end with the unbundling of this workshop from my Quant Elite membership. This Saturday Dec 17 will mark that day. I will be completely removing it from the membership but will re-appear in the New Year as a pretty expensive standalone product. Personally, you may want to take advantage of this last week before everything else disappears within a few months.


Join the Quant ELITE membership with the last week of this IB API workshop!


Thanks Bryan

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