Why 90% of new traders lose money?

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2016)


Why 90% of traders will lose money?

I have worked on this ‘trading’ thing for 6 years now. I have more enough reasons to know why trading newbies are always losing. They don’t listen to the markets because of their highly narrow view. I also find them to stuck in their ways not knowing how to diversify when market opportunities change. Fundamentals scream so much at you but no one listens.

See this video why traders lose 90% of the time

I will be eventually  be pulling my Python Infrastructure Building Blocks course as well. This focuses on introducing you to how to build a primitive algo  trading system. I am not sure on the hard date yet I will be removing this as well. As for now, it is part of my Quant Elite service which will also get closed down permanently as I move everything into the new Analytics service for 2017.

Thanks Bryan

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