Time to leave quant? The lunatics have taken over the asylum

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2016)

Time to get out of quant? The lunatics have taken over the asylum

I must say the last 24 hours have been a huge comical show. At my local Meetup, we had somebody confused asking why they were not making money with their automated trading. After an hour of heated debating, a highly experienced seven digit plus options trader and myself tried to explain his view of the markets were screwed up. Because he came from the world of educational computer science, it messed up his head with how he analyzed the market. Over the last few weeks, I have stated there are three ways to look at the markets:

  • From the perspective of a computer scientist (this is the world I came from)
  • From the perspective of a mathematician who does Quant research
  • Or from the perspective of a trader with nothing but trading experience

I have pretty well switched over to the last option listed above thankfully from my heavy consumption of Bloomberg News app on a daily basis. I have tried to stress this in so many ways. In fact, I’m building new trading strategies around this theory which seems to work well. It is about making money you know no matter how you slice it.

Next up is my Skype buddy who’s doing quite well in the world of IT. His dilemma involves following bottom feeders like Tim Sykes who follow penny stocks. For one thing, he showed me how one penny stock was doing well but his broker prevented him from trading it. This was all due to the crooked operation of his Caribbean based broker. To be honest, we’ve covered this so many times on how these brokers work but I finally have an actual proven example on why you should avoid these crappy brokers. The other funny item is how Tim Sykes is now trying to milk off the Quant world with some new product.

Now remember, this all happened in the last 24 hours. There is so much comedic material in this I could create the next Seinfeld TV show. It’s that funny. It is pathetic on how many suckers there are that will literally throw away thousands of dollars on pure junk in the hope of crossing into the Promise Land. If I was I crooked, I would be a self-made billionaire not a self-made millionaire. As I feed myself with lots of nutritional milk bones I’m trying to find more honest ways of doing this. But as usual, is the time to get out of this ‘quant’ educational world I find myself in? Just remember we are dealing with quant wannabes.

Anyways, you can get the complete details by going here

Working demo of Interactive Brokers C++ POSIX API 

I have finally closed the loop on my Interactive Brokers API workshop loop. This involves being able to retrieve data using C++ with their POSIX API.

I made some instructions with a video demonstration here

NEW Interactive Brokers API Q&A LIVE on Dec 10 at 10 AM EDT


Removal of Interactive Brokers API Workshop content Dec 17. As said, this will be turned into a standalone product in the range of $500+ with no bundling to any membership.


So if you want to get access to the last remaining days of both product, you should join now for obvious reasons!


Go here for this limited access before it turns into the new Analytics service


Thanks Bryan

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