Review of sloppy Oanda Forex Broker experience so far

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2016)

Review of sloppy Oanda Forex Broker experience so far

9 days ago, our operation applied for a basic FX account with Oanda. After a second day of partial document failure, a second batch was sent out last Thursday. We waited a week and nothing! After a follow up call at 10 PM EDT, it seem we need to wait for approval for next day. As it stands, our confidence at this point shot. If we did not follow manually, our application would still be in limbo. In my mind, I would expect this from some SH*TT* overseas brokers but not Oanda. Here we are with this experience so far. I have no idea why but the confidence is not that high.

Also, we tried to tinker around further with their Python Oandapy package but still failed. Apparently, it takes 1-2 days supportresponse  for their questionable API. It seems this broker really needs to get their S*IT together before we can recommend with them confidence during this API and application experience. I wonder what the execution of orders must be really like.

It looks I may move ahead with a try with these jokers.  I would use LMAX Pro which includes Java API support with a much wider selection of currencies including Polish, Ruble, Israel, South Africa, and Turkish. LMAX do want 10K base currency but this would easily be my choice in coming months .

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