Open HFT 10x faster than REDIS NOSQL?

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2016)

Redis NOSQL performance vs Open HFT

I have gone through a surprising set of comparison of this newly discovered Open HFT framework versus Redis NOSQL. It seems this NOSQL database is widely used in the HFT world but this newer framework may give you up to 10:1 performance. Pretty impressive? I think so but you need to architect your code correctly to fully reap the benefits of this. You will be constrained to  using Java 8 if you want to stick with the open source model. It seems that extending to other languages will involve the Enterprise edition which is fairly expensive on a monthly basis.

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Note that I have identified Chronic Engine, Map, and Queue as the projects most likely worked on.

I will be eventually  be pulling my Python Infrastructure Building Blocks course as well. This focuses on introducing you to how to build a primitive algo  trading system. I am not sure on the hard date yet I will be removing this as well. As for now, it is part of my Quant Elite service which will also get closed down permanently as I move everything into the new Analytics service for 2017.

Thanks Bryan

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