Mother of all market data scanning for USA stock markets

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2016)

Mother of all market data scans for USA stock markets

On my Windows system, I created a C-sharp program which will scan the markets. I call this the “Mother of all scanning “since it has the capabilities of scanning over 11,000 stocks found in the USA. Because of the combination of XLQ and IQFeed, I am able to do this in no more than 10 minutes. I can virtually extract any technical analysis or fundamental indicator within seconds. This means I have access to hundreds of them. Can you imagine the power that comes from that?


See some of the benefits in this video


As you can imagine, no human can do this. Not only that, I could do this all day all night. In fact, I could do the same with virtually all FX combinations I have access to via IQFeed. I have shown this in another video to be a combination of over 56 pairs. That is a not a bad combination with fast automation! My big issue is finding a proper forex broker who can handle this amount of currencies.


Is Amazon AWS cloud useful for algo or automated trading

As I was talking to somebody from Amazon who is attending some AWS conference in Las Vegas, they were trying to impress me with the latest machine learning/AI tools announced. The question to you is: are you finding any real use with cloud solutions like AWS? Are you implementing a trading solution with cloud? I want to hear about it. I want to learn from you so tell me.


Here are some of the latest tools announced


In 2 days, I will be doing my last LIVE workshop for this Interactive Brokers API I have been pushing over the last few weeks. This will take place on this SAT at 10 AM EDT which was scheduled for all Americans who could not attend last Saturday due to their Thanksgiving holidays. As said, this will be my last live event teaching this topic. Not only that, I will be removing all content related around this course come December 15. I’m noticing very few people are using it but I’m offering this limited window of opportunity to do just that. Thus, this course material will be unbundled from my Quant Elite membership at that point of December 15. It will be relaunched early next year as a standalone expensive product.


Get the login details here

Realize you need to be a Quant Elite member to to attend. So join here now as this is on for a limited time.


Thanks Bryan

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