Machine learning with algo trading

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2016)

Machine learning for algo trading

I have always been very skeptical of machine learning. It is however these type of videos that raise my confidence somewhat. The person being interviewed  talks about things I’ve done in the past within my Matlab environment years ago. This is easily one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a very long time on this topic. He goes quite deep on his analysis and is open to have communication with. If you read the video comments on YouTube, it boggles my mind when you get morons trashing the guy when he’s easily ahead of these basement dwellers.

Hear this interview here

Let’t talk pair trading and arbitrage video playback

I just put up the video playback from last night’s topic of analyzing arbitrage among the hundred plus trading pairs my script generated. We focused on a developer’s quant firms trading strategy which is the opposite of what I present. Quite fascinating indeed but if you want to learn his approach, this is something you may to watch!

Check out this hour-long video here

Here is the new updated schedule:


NEW Interactive Brokers API Q&A LIVE on Dec 10 at 10 AM EDT


Removal of Interactive Brokers API Workshop content Dec 17. As said, this will be turned into a standalone product in the range of $500+ with no bundling to any membership.


So if you want to get access to the last remaining days of both product, you should join now for obvious reasons!


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