IQFeed API complete walkthough with Java on Mac OSX

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2016)

The next three video I am releasing between today and Monday are very pivotal so watch them if you can.


Here is the first one I just posted:

IQFeed API complete walkthough with Java on Mac OS

Meet my new financial data crack provider IQFeed. Hooray today I remove the shackles of Windows the Evil

Run the ‘IQConnect’ by using ‘open -a IQFeed’ in to Lunach IQFeed

Redis Neural Net in alpha project

Watch the video and get further details here


Don’t forget about tomorrow morning (Sat) at 10 AM EDT but see beow about further import developments on this course material.


In 1 day, I will be doing my last LIVE workshop for this Interactive Brokers API I have been pushing over the last few weeks. This will take place on this SAT at 10 AM EDT which was scheduled for all Americans who could not attend last Saturday due to their Thanksgiving holidays. As said, this will be my last live event teaching this topic. Not only that, I will be removing all content related around this course come December 15. I’m noticing very few people are using it but I’m offering this limited window of opportunity to do just that. Thus, this course material will be unbundled from my Quant Elite membership at that point of December 15. It will be relaunched early next year as a standalone expensive product.


Get the login details here

Realize you need to be a Quant Elite member to to attend. So join here now as this is on for a limited time.


Thanks Bryan



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