Experienced algo trader view on Microsoft Windows detriment

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(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

Experienced algo trader view on Microsot Windows detriment

Another member’s view of using Microsoft and Windows 10 product:



I am surprised that it has taken you so long. At the end of 2015, after assessing risks of using Microsoft’s products, (ransomware threats, attack surface, upadate issues, vulnerabilities, support passed out for Microsoft’s own not so old products etc …) I decided to wind down my IT service company. I must admit that Windows 10 was the final straw, some of the anniversary update issues became a nightmare for my customers.  For me and supporting Microsoft’s server and other products were becoming a “can of worms” as their business model refocuses to software as a service (Re Windows 10 enterprise – subscription 365).  Even their SQL server department are rumoured to prefer to deploy SQL server on linux and had resisted deployment on Windows server 2016. The cloud makes it easy for customers to choose any competitor to Azure and Microsoft are scrambling to lock in their customer base.

(see http://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2016/12/07/why-is-microsoft-showing-so-much-interest-in-linux/#1e8060f74e5f )


To run a trading system on windows 10, you are subject to updates that are not controlled, other win 10 close to you can leach the updates from your box, and there is constant telemetry being sent to Microsoft etc– all of which chew up your band width – not the ideal when you want to trade, this contributes to slippage – money taken out of your pocket. There are other issues as well see: https://senk9.wordpress.com/checklists/windows-10-privacy-checklist/


I now spend most of my time developing systems for trading (using machine, deep leaning) on Ubuntu. (Those that still like the windows feel may opt for Linux mint)


Over the last few months I have ported some of the software to linux (Ubuntu) and manage these with wine, and Play on Linux to manage the versions of wine required for various MS based software (via virtual disk drives) and on the odd occasions that I may require a Microsoft operating system , I spin up a VM using virtual box on linux.


For VMs, to be deployed to servers, you have Docker (or LXC – not as flexible) so it is easy to deploy your trading VM to any collocation service (closer to an exchange to handle latency issues and resilience).


The nice thing about Linux is that the development platforms (python, CUDA etc..) just work!


So consider Windows 10 – well and truly dumped or knobbled in virtualbox on linux!


BTW further to my previous email, you may be interested in the podcast Cryptocurrencies and Machine Learning with Bert Mouler http://bettersystemtrader.com/064-cryptocurrenciess-machine-learning-with-bert-mouler/


Wish you all the best with your new service.

There you go…also I cannot recommend more than this Burt gom the Chat with Traders episode for Machine Learning. It was the best one for machine learning benefits

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