Another Architecture idea for high speed pair trading

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)

Architecture ideas for high speed pair trading

Over the last 24 hours I have posted three videos that take us into the modern way of developing low-level low latency trading systems. I recorded three videos that will hopefully open your eyes. The main takeaways are:

Intel multicore threading libraries are critical to how you’re treating systems developed

There is a brewing battle between Intel and Nvidia for low latency GPU/Co processor architecture

C++ or C are the only programming languages that drive these type of systems

And this first video, introduce my thoughts on an simple but primitive  architecture to highlight how data, Algorithms, and how order management is handled

The second video introduces UDP versus TCP for faster and/ or message reliable delivery

Third video introduces how open source Intel threading building blocks is important for offloading core processing

This brings me to the next fact of my promotion which will end on Sunday New Year’s Day. Details are below.

Thanks Bryan

P.S. I actually opened up the email thingy to invite you to an introductory promo starting today.

  • I will be switching over from our Quant ELITE service to the newer Quant Analytics in the next few months. Enjoy the last of coding demos and video walkthroughs learning R, math, Matlab, .NET, serious secretive research papers from biggest the banks and hedge funds, building out new open source trading, etc etc. I could go on with this but I it will also permanently disappear in coming months.
  • We are currently doing a futures/options course taking us up to the the first week of February. This will turn into a new separate course in coming months as well.
  • This will be replaced with an entirely different service. It will involve actual live trading analysis for all major asset classes in the this global market. It will cover all forex, pair trading/arbitrage stock trading, and options with futures. Exciting times ahead
  • I have unbundled the Infrastructure Building Blocks and Interactive Brokers API workshop. These are not  yet for sale individually but will be marketed at $497 each. Moving forwards, both will be used as an introduction to those who want to to build out the same high speed system I am constructing now. That is an extra $1000 value as of today. If you take this, I will  give you access to both for 30 days.
  • Not only that, I am doing a 2 for 1 deal for those interested in this new service. As this new service advances, I will be raising the cost on a monthly basis. This time next year, this Analytics service could be about $3k to join on an annual basis. If it works out, I do believe it will be worth a lot more.  I will only be making myself available personally for my members through this service with live private event Mondays nights Eastern Standard time.

As said, if this works out, You can expect it to go up over the next few months after introduction. I will be holding this promotion until Jan 1, 2017.


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