Why all in for Apple Swift for algo trading system?

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(Last Updated On: November 16, 2016)

Why all in for Apple Swift for algo trading system?

It looks like I am all in for Apple’s Swift Open source language. After going through a recently chosen book, I did not realize:

  1. It is compiled with comparable performance to Java and getting close to C
  2. Able to deploy onto desktop (Mac), mobile (Ipad/Iphone), TV, and watch. I envisioned Microsoft would be here by now but nope, they flopped in many ways
  3. Language seems to have syntax like Java C# and even some functional as well
  4. Added extra layers of security via Apple Operating Systems
  5. Open source libraries to help in getting a algo trading system up and running fairly quickly


The last one is critical which I will start testing. I know this is not a popular language choice for you but when you see stories like this:




It only proves my theory about crappy Android and Windows when dealing with your live money and software. You choose which way you go, but I want to mitigate all risks wherever I can. To me, this is not a popularity contest you know. Do realize I have no interest in releasing my source code apps nor showing how it is done.


Knowing what we know, it looks like I have a number of items to consider:


Charting for financial with other related libraries:






Impressive Scichart:



Problem with 3rd party charting is limitation of only IOS with no option to Mac OS or other platform. The expensive licensing and expectation of annual is prohibitive at this point as compared to other open source solutions.


Open source:



I am not prepared to hack this version from Swift 2 to 3


Use this is a reference for learning NOSQL with Swift


Ultimate goal is to move to Redis not MongoDB


IO Charts which is open source

How to Use iOS Charts API to Create Beautiful Charts in Swift


http://www.threedgraphics.com/tdg/products/tools/ioschart/samples.php <- does 3d as well


Cloud choices for backend server looks good with IBM Mix (try their Swift playground) and even Amazon AWS





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