My frustration of Python and R hit the roof

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(Last Updated On: November 3, 2016)

My frustration of Python and R hit the roof

Serious!  These languages are really awful in banging out technical analysis charts with rapid tools. You will waste your time in days! Pure crap compared to slick Matlab 2016. Now, my time will be hardpressed to figure out why I continue with these tools with basic charting capabilities. Just to combine an overlay of trendline with various moving averages is beyond maddening. I have wasted 12 hours on it but still nowhere close to getting this figure out in Python. I really hate spinning my wheels on this stuff. I can get it  done pretty close to instantly with a Matlab GUIs.

Then add in the inconsistent date handling with functions to_second() ! It is big a waste of time to figure out how to handle this landmine of date functions. Wow! I can tell you it is making me think twice about these languages compared to my experience with Matlab. I am revisiting it now.

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