(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)

LAST CALL for the mainline benefit of getting Interactive Brokers API workshop learning under my Quant Elite membership. TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT where this upcoming workshop starts Tuesday LIVE but will double in price come Monday.


 In other words: This is most affordable you will get it until TONIGHT

OK so get yourself up off the floor, we all need to get to work now. This coming Tuesday, I will be highlighting my first LIVE session for using the Interactive Brokers API. To be honest you don’t want to miss this as I’ll be covering all modern languages is used in all possible different scenarios. This includes Java Python, and C++.

You can go here for the schedule of these highly limited Interactive Brokers API sessions

The big takeaway for you is that this will only be done once over the next two weeks. I will also be taking away all the content by mid-December. This is part of my next wave of content to be removed from my Quant Elite membership as it will close permanently in the next few months.

Do you also realize you only have two days remaining to get all of this content for an unbelievable low price as explained below? Let me repeat: you have only two days to act on this before it doubles as of Monday!

Please read all the instructions and scheduling below to understand:

Thanks for reading


PS. Note the 3 live sessions here

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will keep this course bundled together with my Quant Elite membership until Sunday! That means you will be able buy both for the price of the Quant Elite.

After this Sunday Nov 20, I will be doubling the price of this IB API workshop which will be sold as a standalone product with no connection to my Quant Elite. What does this mean? If you want a deal as in 2 for 1, jump on this deal I mentioned above before this Sunday ends! After Sunday, access to my Interactive Brokers workshop goes up to $197.


Also, the weekend for Nov 26 is the US Thanksgiving. I just wished they followed the Canadian schedule to make my life easier but NOOO. As a result, I will be holding a third session for Q&A only on SAT Dec 3 at 10 am EDT.

Detail of my Interactive Brokers API workshop boot camp

Everything is detailed in this video for my members and anyone who want to consider this.

Here is the live event schedule:

First live session:

Tuesday Nov 22 at 3 AM EDT

Second live session:

Saturday Nov 26 at 10 AM EDT

These will be only time I will be doing these.

Pricing schedule:

Up until Sunday Nov 20 $97 with complete monthly access to Quant Elite

$197 as stand alone


 Get more details here

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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