Computer v computer the quant war stir volatility

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2016)

Computer vs computer the quant war stir volatility

The robot wars are among us. Some traditional traders and investors are highly concerned about how renegade algorithms could wreak have it in the markets. With the upcoming US election, it may get very bad. Even if Trump wins as president, expect lots of volatility in the markets. If it happens, it will be a Darwinian process that will separate the boys from the men. Good riddance we need to clear the crud out of the system.


Anyways, check out this highly interesting video from Bloomberg TV.


You may learn a thing or two. I personally do think that there will be a war among algorithms in global markets. It will not be a pretty picture.  So what do you do?


Build systems like it was for insider trading professionals.


Since I released my two books for free in the last few weeks, I have been watching the kind of people that are signing up for them. These are high net worth investors looking for alternative returns. These include doctors, real estate pros, Business executives, entrepreneurs and I could go on. These are folks that work very hard for where they’re at but need better processes and higher returns for their hard-earned money. This will be the focus of my new quant analytic service in the next few months.  It will not be a cheap service for those that are:


  • Tire kickers
  • Freetards looking for the easy way out
  • Quick Rich schemers
  • Or opportunists looking for the next big shiny toy to chase


As you can tell, this new service will be only available to those that can afford it, want it, and act on it.


But if you’re even smarter, if you know how to innovate, and most of all know a good deal with lots of potential, then you should look at the last days of my Quant Elite Membership. As noted this will be closing within three months.


I will be hosting a question-and-answer live broadcast for those that may be interested to know what’s in it for them by joining this. If you got questions, you want to be part of this live broadcast at 6 PM on Monday put up on my Facebook group. This will be presented live.


Go here to get pre-approved on my Facebook group before this LIVE event


Thanks for reading

P.S. Once in a while I like to drop hints. So here is one:


This Interactive Brokers workshop will become a very expensive standalone product which will be recorded with two live sessions.


As you know, I have been running a survey asking for times and pricing you’re willing to pay. Thankfully I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three possible times. I will be posting another detailed Survey to see who would like to attend either of these times.


All Quant Elite paying members will be able to attend this LIVE Interactive Brokers workshop


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