Apple iOS 10 Programming Fundamentals book

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2016)

Apple iOS 10 Programming Fundamentals with Swift

Seriously. This book is a game changer. As I am ¼ of a way through it, Swift seems ‘different’ but could be revolutionary in many ways. The eye opener is performance which is quite impressive for a new language on top of it being compiled. This could be the answer I have been looking for as I moved off of Windows in late 2015. Give it a few more years, I think you will be hearing more about this language. Not only that, IBM’s cloud future is highly dependent on this language so Swift has the backing of some big sponsors. The Apple IOS GUI is a definite king maker for the future of the IT and software industries. Don’t forget about the future software of mobile vs desktop as well. Just always compare the crowds in an Apple store vs the crickets you hear in a Microsoft store. I did a video on that this time a year ago.


Check out this Swift book

Microsoft’s Visual Studio coming to the Mac

It looks like Microsoft is trying to stay relevant with both their .NET Core and C# while using their Azure cloud solution. Not only that, Microsoft does not have a viable mobile solution after their (once again failed) Nokia strategy. So now they are losing ground against Mac, Swift, IOS, and Android.


So here are more opinions with another set of links with this new Visual Studio for Mac


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Detail of my Interactive Brokers API workshop boot camp

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