Why I am closing Quant Elite

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2016)

Why I am closing Quant Elite


I will be removing public access to my Quant Elite membership with virtually no warning 

Why am I doing this?

I am no stupid idiot. If I say final warning, people will sign up with 24 hours left to go. The membership access will get removed, therefore people will complain which results in unhappy members! I personally don’t want that so take heed on this warning one final action.
As I repeat, take action now otherwise lose public access to this in short order

Also, it is important to understand there are many quant trading ‘cloud’ solutions and other blog postings for FREE. This lowers expectation and value people will have for multi million $ trading operations built around critical software. This is not an easy path for many newbies who want to own and control their own their trading platform software. I would estimate 95% do not finish across this challenging finish line.  I do salute those that do! I also fear that there will be generations of former traders/retail traders/new programmers/etc who will eventually fall into the current state of where retail traders who are NOT properly educated enough around this critical software.

If you have been on my newsletter service, I have announced the transition out of educational/support in technology with some limitation for these trading platforms. As a result i am transitioning into a more Analytical service which will generate automatic charting/reports from my various in-house software the Quant Elite/Premium services hold. I will be closing this off to the public  to maintain my unique trading edge. Do note that this membership contains well into the hundreds of advanced algos for quant analysis/research/live trading. I am excited to get this underway to put QuantLabs.net ahead of the pack with this type of service. I will anticipate getting into live trading once again with this. I don’t want to lose any capital with this as compared to the past.  I  will also need to focus on risk management with automatic portfolio weight allocation (position sizing). Blah blah I could go on here which would never end.

As for what will remain on the technology front will be future modulated separate courses to help build primitive trading platforms.

This includes:

  1. Basic components for an overview of an algo trading system built in Python
  2. Sample futures/options trading strategy built with  coding samples in C++ and Python
  3. Workshop boot camp doing deep dive analysis of using Interactive Brokers APIs with Java/Python/C++
  4. Apple IOS Swift demos with NOSQL to build out slick custom charting libraries

Special notes for the above:

  1. It is imperative you understand that these individuals courses will be separated from each other.
  2. These have already been valued well into the hundreds of dollars each.
  3. These will not be bundled together as they are part of the benefits of this current membership.
  4. Do note I have strayed away from Microsoft Windows 10 and .NET  technology  due to concerns of latency, security, forced updates, abandoned libraries,  and potential unknown back doors. In summary, I just don’t trust this company anymore in this paranoid world.

In summary: If you are smart, you will acknowledge to take advantage of the current Quant Elite membership before this permanent removal.

I recently wrote two FREE books to showcase these topicss which  you can either get at:

Technical Secrets in Algo Trading


Trade Like a BOSS

To be honest, another BIG reasons to do this transition is to get people to actually implement something right away before the removal of all the available source code with video demos. It is too bad no one wants to take advantage of it but alas….

I am keeping ALL membership options for monthly right now. These will automatically extend into the new Analytical service once it goes live.


I have a complete Question And Answer section on my new Analytics service here for full details:


Here are some links and videos you should be aware of:

What you will miss in this membership:


Top Algos Approach


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