Macau casinos Short UK stock market opportunity while global debt scary

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2016)

Macau casinos Short UK stock market opportunity  while global debt scary


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Increases in #macau during holiday boost new #casino

Mstrategist forecast #uk #market Will trim gains by December

Worldwide #debt with negative yield fell last week

… everybody, welcome to our first Quantlab live report. Basically, what this is, since it’s the first one, we could do a rundown what it is. I put up a new video just recently, announcement on new Quantlabs live report. It’ll explain the rationale and what it will be about. Also, if you come under the Quantlabs playlist, at our Youtube channel, you’ll find in there at Quantlabs channel, Quantlabs live report channel, so you can always keep updated with that. Basically what we’re doing is we’re going to go over all the popular trading charts that were looked at from the previous trading session, but these are purposely handpicked so that you will be able to basically use these for forecasting over the long term, some of them. Some may be short term, it just depends on the time when we get these out.


Let’s take a look at the top 3 right now over the last 24 hours. The first one I want to look at is Macau. Okay, so if you were to look at this video, where it’s increased in Macau during holiday boost due to a few new casinos, this might be an interesting chart to view, because if I just play it, and right … Here, let me do that again. As you can see here, Macau’s gone through a really tough time in getting demand out of mainland China visitors to its casinos, so everything may be bottoming out. Obviously that’s a good thing. If you took a look at this chart, the most recent activity would show a bottoming process, and it’s uptrending, and then that’s a pretty good proxy as well to give you a performance on how China’s mainland economy’s doing. Keep your eyes out for that with opportunity, because any Casino operators in Macau, because that might be a new variant to invest into currently, as it’s coming out of this bottoming process.


Okay. The next one we want to look at is this one on, basically, on worldwide debt with negative yield. As Japan, a lot of European countries, their central banks are hitting their bottoming process, or their … They’re just going through a negative yield on their bonds, so this is just to showcase … Let me just see here. Right here. It’s basically been just rising over the last few months, but it’s been everly increasing, and it’s actually dropped off a bit, but it is the worldwide has just been going up and up. It has tapered off a little bit. As an example of an extreme example, I believe it’s in Denmark, basically couples are being paid by the Danish government to stay in their homes and they get a check every month because their yield is negative, their government sovereign bonds are negative. Now the government’s actually handing back money to its citizens.


Not only that, for anybody out there investing anywhere in the world, even if it’s on a government bond, these investors are looking for return. Due to that it becomes a real problem because they’re wanting to get a return on their risk with the capital that they invest into, so it becomes a problem for a lot of these large scale investors coming from, let’s say investment banks or hedge funds. It is a real problem, so as you can see here, just the global debt, it’s going up, and there seems to be no stopping it as long as economies don’t perform, GDP stays low, and most of all, it becomes a real issue for a lot of these investors. We could see potentially what we know as capitalism erode as confidence erodes from these investors. It’s something to be somewhat concerned about, and I was pretty shocked by the level of global debt because of these negative yields. It’s a shocking chart.


The next one is the Footsie or the FTSE 100. Because of the Brexit, what has happened is the pound has been pretty well pummeled, and as a result, the bonds out of Britain are known as gilts, have dropped, but oddly enough their stock market, better know as the FTSE, or Footsie 100, has been gaining since June. Now there’s forecasts of the index for Footsie over the markets in the UK will start to drop off by December and actually lose all the gains, I would assume from this period in June. That’s something to be aware of, and maybe that is a good shorting opportunity as we speak right now.


That’s pretty well in conclusion our 3 charts. I hope to have some more in the next day and just show you some other trading opportunities via these charts, courtesy of Bloomberg. As I have hinted in one of my past videos I posted in the last day, I will be using charts for my own system as we bring it aboard online in the next few months. Over and out.



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