Intertemporal commodity pricing storage and how it affects a market tonite

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)

For my Quant Elite members, here is the login info for tonight at 8PM EDT

Intertemporal commodity pricing storage and how it affects a market


Meetup details:



For those that are interested in long term automated trading success, please read.

I will be removing all generous bonus offers beyond a year. That time has now come upon us. I am doing this to remove extra content as I do my product/service reset in a couple of months.

Do note that this is the first notice of the final removal of all extended bonus offerings in my Quant Elite membership. There will be one last final notice going out tomorrow to close these page offering links after Thursday. That is less than 48 hours away!

Here is what I got:

  1. My 2 bonus pages are currently up for a limited time. They offer either an extra three months for a one-time payment or an extra six months as well. This is for my Quant Elite membership that includes:
  2. A. Online courses including my futures and options algorithm which goes till February 2017. Full details here
    B. There are too many software demos gems with source code to list here but you can see my detailed video here. Do remember that this will all be removed in a couple of months so this availability has a limited shelf life.
    C. As I mentioned last week, I will be doing potentially full day two live separate workshops on demonstrations of integrating your programming with Interactive Brokers TWS with Redis and Java. I am also hoping to do another with Apple IOS Swift front mobile apps for charting development. You will of course get access to both of these! These will be one time only as LIVE events.

Here is how it is different:

If you really want to learn something that is very unique in jump-starting your trading infrastructure and knowledge, this is a membership you should consider. As I mentioned above, I made a 30-minute video that lists all the hidden gems I usually don’t promote online. It is that exclusive! It is too much to list here but I will say this, it will all vanish within months forever.

Everything mentioned is on a countdown to go bye bye. Do note that many of these techniques will be used to leverage my upcoming analytics service to be released in a few months. So when that happens, this was the technology that drives many of the reports, charts, and other data analysis you will see in this new service! Once again, this will be your last chance to get access to this content.

Here is what you can do:

1. There are two pages that will stay up until midnight Thursday Eastern daylight savings time. If you are interested in any of these bonus extensions beyond a year, now is the time to act as they disappear after Thursday. That is less than 48 hours away

–> If you were interested in getting three extra months click here

–> If you were interested in getting six extra months click here

Lastly, do remember that this will be the absolute last time you’ll have these bonus extensions offered beyond a year!

Not only that, I will be removing all of the hidden gems in this membership which has been described in the video above. This will take place within a few months!




NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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