A tour of 18 screen MT4 forex trading system

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2016)

A tour of 18 screen MT4 forex trading system

Do you ever see those videos where some trading guru in a video sits in front of 20 million billion screens? I mean does it make them really a lot more bank? LOL You going to fall for that?

Once again, another out of control retail trader who thinks 18 screens will make him a millionaire. I love the thought process!

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Check out this silly video
Starting next week I’ll be putting out  a few reports to help me cover all those frequently asked questions from newbies on starting out in automated trading and/or proper trading. Be on the lookout for that. There’s some really good videos and it will have some automation surprises. The unfortunate thing is it involves Windows 10.

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This includes the workshops I mentioned including my research on Apple Swift for IOS devices for front end graphical user interface development.

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