Slides on systematic trading strategies

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

Slides on systematic strategies

Here are some very interesting and detailed mathematical strategies that you should consider when developing low-level trading models. This will showcase the power of math versus some technical chart chasing trading opportunity. That’s what all these unknowingly technical analyst amateurs do.
Check out this set of slides which will intrigue you about the advancement of math in trading

What REAL quant and HFT looks like from advanced math PHD doctorate book

When you look at this, I also need to remind you of this book which will show the advancement of mathematical formulas for any high frequency trader.

Check out this book here

I know we are nowhere close to using these advanced trading strategies but I follow more simplistic approaches like fundamental. With a combined solid baseline of economic analysis, you have a major advantage that no one else will see this type of data. But the question is what do you do with it? What do you think my upcoming analytical service will be about?

As they say get it while it’s hot, the remnants of my Quant Elite membership will be removed in coming months.


As a result, I highly recommend you to check out my Quant Elite membership.
You could always join here

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