Java or C++: Which is better for speed coding?

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2016)

C++ or Java: Which is better for speed coding?

Sometimes I send out programming tips which will help automated traders maximize their potential. One of the big takeaways recently is the amount of data that is constantly being processed. For instance, my central bank analysis set of drivers total over 25 different data sources. This is just one type of analysis that I used to help gauge market direction in my upcoming automated trading system. In this video below, you will see a high-speed development coding test for both C++ and Java.
Check it out here:

This is what my one of my Facebook group members said:


even though its fast forwarded, the proficiency is mind blowning


C++ Linux programming tricks

As we move into lower latency requirements for accessing multiple data sets in parallel, you’ll quickly realize how advanced programming will be needed to maintain your trading edge. It will no longer be about understanding scripting/interpreted languages like Python or R anymore. Sholom B was kind enough to send over a book about programming tricks in C++ and Linux.

Check that out here

I really hope this helps you out and getting a solid understanding of the importance of programming skills in the new era of modern trading over the next generation.
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