Trading and math model magic

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2016)

Trading and math model magic

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Chat with a trader: The Python Quant

Bryan that guy is “educator” not a (quant) “trader”


As for “quant/math” and trading https://evoeftimov.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/trading-and-math/


Quotes include:


  • Trading is a Zero Sum Game – in order for you to win somebody else has to lose.

  • To all pure quant chaps out there (or the general public being fed stories about the “magical quants”) – If you want to treat trading as a “physical system” you have to model / or assume the planets/molecules have their own independent brains / will ….

  • Use math as a tool helping you to PLAY the game. Don’t try to “solve” the market as (rigid) math equation/model.

  • “(Pure) Mathematical Models” are (can be) different from “Algorithms”, although the difference can be blurred. Algorithms (algorithmic trading) on the other hand are not very different from “(discretionary) trading knowledge”, which can be codified.

Capital Markets, Trading and Math (Modeling)

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