Shorting with Automated trading in R

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

Shorting with Algo trading in R

We all know the market will tank sooner or later. It’s as sure as the sun rises and sets. We just don’t know when.


And that includes the run we’re on now. All record breaking parties must come to an end. So what do you do? What’s the plan?


Short the damn thing, of course.


Are you looking for a strategy for doing exactly that? Then listen up…


I’m going back¬† to R again with this solution from the fine folks at QuantInsti.


Get the strategy details here


And now for some joy we have coming up in the next week.


Back in the winter, I decided to launch an Algo Trading Course series with 3 sections. And right now we’re on the last section


I’ll be focusing on both futures and options starting August 22. And I’ll be doing this live for the last time forever.


That’s because as things get hotter in the quant space, I’m moving on to something bigger and better than algo trading courses.


But that’s no excuse for not getting this 24 month course while you still can.




All strategies are easy to understand thanks to fundamental analysis – just like the pros.


And I dare you to find a better deal to help you find a fully self contained ‘end to end’ solution. One where you establish your own fully owned and controlled algo/automated trading business.


Now one more thing …


I was asked this earlier by a prospective member:


“So for now, would you still recommend the $99 membership bc I’m trying to learn as much as possible while I still have some time”


My response:


I’ll temporarily reinstate the monthly membership for those who are looking to learn before they return to college or other commitments.


But I’m still permanently removing all my programming stuff once the data analytics business model goes live.


Get the complete details of the course schedule at my Meetup groups by joining either:






We’ll start with the History and Introduction to Futures/Options Algorithms … move onto an Options Future Equation class library with Test Client … and look at an example of conversion R Treasury Bond Eurodollar and foreign currency like the Euro …


… and that’s just the first 3 lessons!


To take advantage of this and much, much more, just join my Quant Elite membership by choosing one of these options below:


MONTHLY: $97/MONTH: Click here


ANNUAL + 6 BONUS MONTHS ($600 savings): Click here


BIGGEST SAVINGS with 12 BONUS months ($1,200 savings): Click here


If you take one of the longer options, you’re giving yourself a lot of free months right now. Take a longer membership and save up to $1,200 while you still can.


Find out more about what you get right here

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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