Network science book for automated trading?

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)


Network science book for algo trading?


Do you ever get confused about machine learning versus deep learning? Well here’s a new one to add to the confusion: network science for algo trading.


Is this another new dimension to automated trading?


Or is it all the same stuff?


Let me try to clear up the confusion with this free online book by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi:


Get the link here


It’s a brilliant 10-section ebook and I think you’ll find it very interesting!


Now onto …


TradingEconomics.com vs Quandl for Forex trading data forecasting


My next link details an important forex forecasting comparison when using economic data. I feel that Trading Economics offers more bang for your dollars when you consider certain specific needs.


Watch this short video to find out why


You’ll see there’s quite a difference in benefits for the same amount of money spent.


And speaking of value, here’s a gentle reminder that you can take out a monthly Quant Elite subscription for next week’s super-duper Futures and Options Algo Trading Course.


Find out more about what you get right here

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