Latency numbers all HFT programmers should know

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2016)

 Latency numbers all HFT programmers should know

Latency numbers every HFT programmer should know


Great news again — good old Sholom regularly sends out some dandy content for the quant community.


This infographic is one you should take a good look at. The title says it all: “Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know”:


Check out the infographic here


Now let’s move onto something else I think you’ll also find quite interesting …


Benefits with technical hints of

average true range script for

max forex trading alpha


As you know, I’m switching over to trading signals via reports and charts within a few months. And over the last week I’ve worked hard on a Python script that lets you:


1. Automatically download over 50 combined forex trading pairs from IQFeed


2. Calculate statistical info with normal distribution histograms


3. Generate raw data with average true range


4. Automatically rank volatility by day, month, and year


5. Maximize your Alpha generation by quickly understanding which Forex pair is most volatile


Check out this video to see the results so far:


The video’s right here


This is one of the many benefits my automated trading reports will give back to traders who take their Forex trading seriously.


No human can do this type of processing. But this script processes everything within one hour. And this is just the first of many reports which will be part of this new service.


Plus, I need to remind you that …


We’re coming down to the last day of the semi annual bonus offering.


Right now you can get 12 months free (a $1,200 value) for signing up for 6 months. Yes, that’s a 3-for-1 offer!


But this is the last day it’s available. After today, that 12 month bonus gets cut to 6 months.


So go ahead and maximize your bonus months right now.


Sign up now to maximize your savings


You’ve got everything to gain from it too!


Here are the many benefits you’ll sacrifice if you miss out. Access to my ELITE service includes:


1. Source code, video walkthroughs, and database analysis with enhanced course structure.


2. All Math analysis for all your quant analysis using Khan Academy.


3. Tips on stock screening technology.


4. Top vendor source code demos of top providers with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed. (Windows and Linux versions included)


5. Complete MATLAB source code to my AK-47 trading system for amazing government source reconnaissance. This little gem lets you see hot market sectors months ahead of the dumb money. And it’s also great at finding pairs in the markets to trade.


6. Complete analysis from the best source I know for both futures and options trading


7. Exclusive weekly Meetup video playbacks not accessible by the public.


There are many more benefits of our QUANT ELITE MEMBERSHIP, which is why I’ve compiled resources for you to understand what’s on offer:


1. A FAQ knowledgebase covering 129 topics! Click here!


2. A detailed course topic listing with videos. For more, just click here.


3. And a final list of MAJOR benefits is available right here


I’m offering you continued pricing with all the above benefits with more to come! This includes:


1. C++ and soon Python exploration for true High Frequency Trading on Linux!


2. Redis NOSQL implementation — the world’s fastest database.


3. Many, many algos for real world algorithmic trading using automation.


Yes — I’m bringing it all together in the coming months. And this means what you’re getting today (18 total months for the price of 6 months) the most affordable pricing out there.


Sign up now to maximize your savings


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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