Advise for career algo community for future automated algo trading

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2016)

My advise for career algo community for future automated algo trading

As I usually get these questions all the time but this is the first one where I specifically answer about my upcoming Quant Analytics service which will go live in a couple of months. Just think that this could take you to the next level of understanding automated trading by just watching signals. Could it be that easy?

Check out this quick video here

Demo report of my ATR forex Python script for analysis

As I focus more on trading reports and charts, I thought I would offer a preview of a Python script I am currently working on. It all revolves around calculating numerous Forex trading pairs to find the most volatile for optimal opportunity for your trading account.

This video is the first intro to this

Just as an up-to-date news item, this same script¬† will be able to scan 400+ combined trading forex pairs to find maximum opportunity. As this is done automatically, it would take literally many days for a human to perform one day’s equivalent snapshot of this. This will be one of the many data points you’ll be able to use from this new analytical service which will give you trading edge over the other schmucks who claim to be trading experts. I’ll put up a detailed video on this in a few days once it’s complete.

Oh yeah, as for that crazy sale of the two years of bonus months for my Quant Elite membership has not been taken down yet. I thought you might be a little happy as I brag about my laziness here. Ha ha?

One last day to take advantage of this generous I got

Go here for that

Don’t forget my automated trading course with video on demand videos are inlcuded as part of this. Details here

Note that the future/options phase will start LIVE in a couple weeks!

Thanks Bryan


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