URGENT! New miletstone for basic HFT like trading software architecture

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2016)

URGENT! New miletstone for basic HFT like trading software architecture

Today is a new milestone for myself. Hooray for that. Over the last 24 hours I have completed my full circle of a potential road map or blueprint to a simplified high-frequency trading system architecture.

Let me explain:

Overview of Intel TBB Redis NOSQL C++ for potential HFT


If you watch this video, you’ll completely understand why I switched over to Intel TBB for best concurrency or multithreading.


Watch that here

Quick demo of Intel TBB C++ Flow Graph Designer code generation on Windows


For any of those long time viewers of mine over the years, you will remember my original vision of using Matlab’s Simulink for code generation from a visual representation of a trading idea. Well that came to a sudden stop due to the fact that many could not afford the $40 – $50,000 Simulink configuration option needed to complete it. Well I may have a better solution for you using open source Intel TBB. There is this tool which is a graphic designer that will code generate to C++ no different than Simulink. Personally this tool is better but only runs on Windows. Oh shock the horror! Well I had to put on my big boy pants to swallow my pride so I made this video.


Check out this video


In coming days, I will be releasing the last video to complete the FULL circle with Redis NO SQL. You know, that database that is probably the world’s fastest that has been clocked at doing 1.2 million transactions per second through a cluster. LOL yeah that database which is open source in C.


Well guess what? I’ve got TBB and Redis working together. Happy joy joy.


So if you were already on my Daily Digest free email service, you would already know about this video. Here is where it gets interesting. I will only drop this mild hint:

ou may want to join my Quant Elite membership right away otherwise you’ll miss out on what I have planned to announce in coming days.


This will be a very short-lived window of opportunity and is only available to all my hard-core followers which I always thank.


Tehee hee.




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