Latest C++ updates for Mac OSX for HFT backend

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2016)

Latest C++ updates for Mac OSX for HFT backend

I have built the following libraries for my local environment:

Redis C++ client library r3c

Chart Director

It looks like I am ready to start development for my Forex strategies with updates to my Futures/Options as well. I can confirm I should be able to push data from TradingEconomics.com and eventual Interactive Brokers into a Redis cluster eventually. I can push this data using Python. Note I plan to deploy all this into an end target of FreeBSD not Linux. This is how i always envisioned it.

Lastly, I would like to stress this is how my backend will look like. From there, I have decided to focus later on the front for Apple IOS front end development (for Ipad Pro, Iphone, Watch, etc) apps which are modern.

Note: I could not complete the build of Fastflow on Mac so I now I need to focus back on Ubuntu Linux. I was able to build Fastflow on my Ubuntu Linux environment no problems. It just seems mac development can test you so why bother with it.  Software development sucks sometimes as not the way I intend it.

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