How Bloomberg Pro could use the data same source as this cheap provider?

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

How Bloomberg Pro could use the data same source as this cheap provider?

Hahaha..a conversation about using this newly submitted provider all for $49/month

Seriously, could Bloomberg use the same data sources from this $49/month provider? All they really do then is just republish with extra analysis with charting

[7/4/16, 4:27:42 PM] Bryan Downing: i am all giddy inside with your pure gem gift, i can now correlate to any bloomerg chart (including their data source) to the tradingeconomics.com site data

[7/4/16, 4:27:56 PM] Mr X::)

[7/4/16, 4:28:04 PM] Bryan Downing: it has 500 sources which means i can pretty well track what bloomerg may use to decipher their own data

[7/4/16, 4:28:04 PM] Mr X:That’s fantastic

[7/4/16, 4:28:12 PM] Mr X:how’s api

[7/4/16, 4:28:12 PM] Bryan Downing: dude genius

[7/4/16, 4:28:14 PM] Mr X:easy?

[7/4/16, 4:28:33 PM] Bryan Downing: i have not tried it but it if it is like Quandl, it should be

[7/4/16, 4:28:37 PM] Mr X:you can use this data with FED data and EU data…

[7/4/16, 4:28:42 PM] Bryan Downing: $49.month is a steal

[7/4/16, 4:28:55 PM] Bryan Downing: plus global for most countries

[7/4/16, 4:28:59 PM] Mr X:oh yes

[7/4/16, 4:29:02 PM] Mr X:China… Russia.

[7/4/16, 4:29:05 PM] Bryan Downing: this is an awesome data provider source

[7/4/16, 4:29:18 PM] Bryan Downing: i am working on options and next will be forex, i may use this a the data source

[7/4/16, 4:29:28 PM] Bryan Downing: i will about 30 drivers for forex analysis

[7/4/16, 4:29:37 PM] Bryan Downing: where all that data would come from a source like this

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